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You're 15 years old, shouldn't you be in school?

More on Česko Hledá Superstar, I'm such an addict!

Here on the right is Soňa Pavelková, voted off the last show (the Beatles - Abba show). She was almost voted off the musicals portion too the prior week. I don't remember if they make the voted-offees sing right after having learned the decision. Pleasant enough voice, sure, pleasant enough stage personality, but she is only 15 years old.
Soňa, shouldn't you be in school? I guess that as an American I've been trained to think that schooling should always come first, and that if a more unconventional career like singing doesn't work out you'd still have a strong educational foundation to build off on. If each week these kids are coming on this show, and staying in a hotel in Prague, and working with vocal coaches, and fulfilling obligations like signing autographs, and partying (which in itself is an obligation to the show), I don't think they'll be doing much schoolwork. Maybe I'm missing something here.

Anyway here is the link to the photographs from the GOOD BYE PARTY that the show throws each evening the contestant is voted off. The photo located at row 2 column 3 shows
Zbyněk Drda with the caption 'Zbyněk zapíjel žal z odchodu Soni nealkoholickým mojitem...' (Zbyněk drank away his sorrows from the departure of Soňa with a non-alchoholic mojito...). But how much do you want to bet that they aren't drinking something stronger off camera? Yeah, I didn't think so.

And here is the CHS's chat archive, where a 2nd language acquisition student like myself can learn all sorts of slang, and sometimes unfortunately, some more risque words. Each week those most recently sent off sit 3 hours in front of a computer responding to lame questions. It was on one of these chats that I learned the meanings of 'Pa Pa' (like Adios) and 'huliš?' (do you smoke weed?). So a silly show lives on, but great for learning language, and other things, I guess, as well.

So best of luck this upcoming week, where 2.5 million Czech and 1 American will be treated to 80s disco night. So everyone, shake your groove thang!

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