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Live blogging, Voting Off Show, Final No. 6, Česko Hledá Superstar

Hello fellow readers... I have a new idea. I will blog LIVE as the show progresses. Tonight is the 6th voting off show of Season Three of Česko Hledá Superstar. Follow LIVE as the show progresses.

9:25 PM
Zbeněk is wearing a silly yellow T-shirt on with the logo 'Spy-Game' on it...
9:30 PM
Reviewing of performances from Sunday...
9:35 PM
Michal Hudček sings 'Ready for Your Love' from his recent album. He seems to have been a participant in last year's CHS.
9:45 PM
Ondrej thinks that Martin Ševčik will leave the show. Ilona feels that the weakest performance was given by Zbyněk Drda, and the Professor concurs with Ondrej.
Ševčik has been on the hot seat for a while already ... let's see if he survives another week.
9:54 PM
Strange thing going on here, Mareš the moderator is asking the contestants what was the worst feeling they experienced. Most of them said something to the effect that 'vote-off' Mondays are the toughest, and that they are getting tired.
9:58 PM
Ševčík just voted off. Spends about a minute hugging Barbora (2nd least votes, I think). Crowd shouts 'Martin, Martin!!!'. He's crying a little. He said something that amounted to a final goodbye but I didn't understand his Czech.
10:01 PM
Martin sings delivers his final performance, reprise of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence'.
10:05 PM
Martin is unable to finish the song, engages in group hug with co-contestants, and Mareš ends up cutting off the band. Quite an unintended bit of drama from the producers point of view, lucky for them. Good for ratings.

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