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If you eat this, you will dream!

As I prepare to leave the country (hopefully not for good) I will take along some poignant memories. As bad a rap as it gets here, I will actually miss some aspects of food. Yes, you might not be able to choose from 20 types of apples as you would in Berkeley, CA but certainly some things are worth mentioning. I devote this post to REMBRANDT DONUTS. This is a Czech bakery whose clients are mainly restaurants or even perhaps general foodstores, but also maintain about 5 bakeries in Prague, one of which is located about 60 meters from my apartment. In fact looking at those pictures of goodies inspires me to take a walk down to the bakery and acquire one of these morsels as an afternoon snack. So I'll finish this post when I get back.

..... 25 mins. later .....

Okay, I am now replenished, with the švestkový sen s tvarohem (right), a 'plum dream with cream cheese'. You'd be dreaming if you ate one of these too! It's basically a simple dough-based pastry with plum and cream cheese filling, but under the right conditions the crust/outside is fairly crispy and the insides are warm and sweet and gooey. I know, you Frenchies might think they've got nothing on those croissants but for Northern / Central Europe it's quite good. I think Karla and Jesse can attest to the quality of these 'dreams'; i think they've tasted their pastries once or twice.

I am also curious whether any of the bakers of Rembrandt Donuts has been insp
ired by the real Rembrandt shown below! Karla, thoughts?


Do you know If they ship Rembrandt Donuts overseas?
MMMM..Czech Donuts.
I don't think so ... just gotta come to Europe and taste all the nice pastries!

Your blog came up randomly upon clicking "next blog" and as such I am very glad to have learned about Panda Porn! I'll try to put a link to your blog but I'm new to this stuff, still learning the basics.
They definitely have good pastries (I go to the one by the library) but I have not yet dreamt of them.

Are there pandas in Panda Porn?!
You and Karla are now officially linked to my Blog!

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