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A Curiosity for all: a Hummer in Prague!

Two days ago I saw a HUMMER (they have a CZECH WEB SITE!!) on Jilská Ulice. It is designed, I believe, after some sort of a military tank, but geared toward modern upscale American family usage. It's website, in Czech, boasts the slogan "Tam, kde ostatní končí, my začínáme" (Something like 'We begin where others end.') So imagine my shock when I saw one of these coming towards me on Jilská, as in oh my gosh this thing is going to run me over and my life will end. On the right is a picture of what Jilská Ulice looked like in the late 1800s, but the present-day street is just as narrow. Literally, if the doors had opened up on both sides it would have knocked off half of Old Town. Now, can you imagine this humongous gas-guzzling monster of a moving machine hogging up all this space? Well, I couldn't either, before two nights a
go. But indeed, it was there. Curiously enough, there stood within a 50 foot (about 16 meters for those European-inclined) vicinity of me about 5 or so huge Mafia looking dudes, also curiously staring at this large vehicle that was approaching us. I don't know if the Mafia looking dudes were together, or just happened to be a bunch of huge dudes staring at this HUMMER.

The story goes further: you can join the HUMMER CLUB in the Czech Republic. Here is
the first paragraph from its mission statement as found on its home page:

"Hummer Club CZ is the only club of owners and fans of terrain vehicles in the Czech Republic. We don't need to go into particulars about its capabilities as an all-terrain vehicle. We'll just say that these vehicles are used in the American Army, where they are subjected to extremely vigorous conditions. Now even YOU have the opportunity to try out everything that this unique specimen of a vehicle can do."

Just click around there and see if you're not as frightened as I am upon seeing some of those pictures. For example, what the heck is this (on right)? This sort of thing I thought only happened in the backwaters of Texas state, not in Benešov.

Note, these recent posts should be entitled "Why has this country seemed to adopt the worst of Western culture?"

> "Why has this country seemed to adopt the worst of Western culture?"
Here it's not as severe as in Russia, but you would get the picture..
Thanks for the recommendation; I'll look at it when I get a chance.

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